By: Karen Neill

4-H is a place for kids to find their place.  Their people.  Themselves.  It’s for the shy student who hasn’t quite found their niche yet and the outgoing ball of energy who has so many friends they can’t count.  It’s for the future scientist, bookworm, animal lover, politician, nature enthusiast, entrepreneur, business mogul, dancer, musician, athlete, activist, humanitarian, and all the other things that the little loves of our life might grow up to be.

4-H is for you too, as a parent it’s a way for you to support them in their journey and engaging them in 4-H gives them tools and community to do that.  Experiential learning is the backbone of 4-H trying, failing and modifying on repeat is how we learn and 4-H puts youth in the way of this type of learning with their peers.

How can your kids join 4-H?  There are tons of ways!  Below are ways your kids can be involved but don’t be limited by what you see here.

Take a look at our yearly calendar, but make sure you have your highlighter ready for all the things you’ll discover!


4-H clubs are one of the strongest components of the 4-H program because of their foundation in leadership development and community engagement.  The club environment is designed to promote the growth of essential life skills while being a fun experience.

When you join or start a 4-H club, you become a part of the larger 4-H world and have opportunities that stretch beyond the boundaries of your community, your county, your state, even your country. 4-H has so much to offer you and your family.  If you want to get involved in the 4-H club program the two options are join an existing club (listed below) or start your own 4-H club (see checklist below)

Click to learn more about Guilford County 4-H Clubs

Starting a 4-H Club in Guilford County

4-H clubs are groups of youth made up of at least five youth and two adult leaders who meet at least once a month. The most important part of 4-H clubs is that 4-H’ers get to choose what they want to work on each year, and adults support and guide the group to help make that happen.

Link to checklist to start a club


Holiday break is a long ago memory and summer is a far away dream…but we are thinking about it already!  Summer Learning Loss is the phenomenon that puts students at risk of being up to ½ a year behind classmates that participate in summer experiences that challenge them and expose them to rich curriculum. Guilford County 4-H offers summer day camps for youth ages 6-14 geared towards hands-on learning to ignite their curiosity, expose them to unique situations and challenge their critical thinking skills.  Our connection to curriculum from our Universities is continuously present as we expose kids to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Spring Break

Is your child the next iron chef? Bring them to our In the Kitchen class and let them unleash their culinary creativity. Scheduled to align with Spring Break, this five day class will teach youth ages 9-12 basic cooking and baking skills while learning about kitchen and food safety. Click here for the details and to register for this workshop.


Take a look at our new cooking challenge and our summer intern program.  Earn service hours and have a great time with peers.


Become a leader in your community and teach kids to cook.  Come learn the Texas Food Challenge, Choose Healthy and Teen Cuisine programs April 27-29 and then team up with 4-H to teach kids about food!

Summer Intern

If your child is over 14 years old we invite them to earn Service Learning credits through our Summer Intern Program.  This program is designed to teach leadership in youth 14 years old through college by preparing them to plan and implement summer programs as a mentor to youth participants.

We can’t wait to share the world of 4-H with you and your youth!!!!

Please give us a call at 336-641-2400 to learn more or contact Lauren Taubert at

To support 4-H please consider purchasing from our semi-annual plant sale!  Proceeds go towards scholarships for youth to attend county, state and national events.