Mission Statement
To assist in the management of the pretrial inmate population in an attempt to stabilize the growing jail population.
To insure public safety by offering factual information to the Courts and facilitating communication between the jail and the court system.



  • 1988: Jail Advisory Group (JAG) was established by Board of County Commissioners to address jail overcrowding
  • 1991: #1 recommendation of JAG was the establishment of a pretrial release program
  • July 1991: Pretrial Services opened with 4 staff serving Greensboro. Guilford County funded the program but the State managed the program by way of a contractual agreement
  • 1994:  Expanded services to High Point with the addition of 3 new staff
  • 2007:  Six new staff added to provide more case management
  • 2011: Contractual agreement with State ends. Program became Court Services and is managed by the County


  • 1ST Appearance Screenings
  • Case Management
  • Research custody and case status for Daily District Court Report and other periodic reports
  • Provide various coordination activities between the courts and the jail

1st Appearance Screening

  • Screen inmates scheduled for 1st appearance to obtain contact information and assist in completing court documents
  • Call contacts and use other resources to verify information provided by inmates
  • Run state-wide criminal histories for inmates
  • Present verified, factual information to the Court


Eligibility for Monitoring

  • Reside in the Guilford County area
  • Have a verifiable address and means of contact
  • In custody for a criminal offense
  • Have the ability to comply with program requirements
  • Not supervised by probation/parole, or another court agency
  • Not a validated gang member


Case Management

  • Require defendants to report to the case manager on regular basis
  • Ensure defendants appear on scheduled court dates and comply with other conditions of monitoring
  • Provide monitoring and referral to services as needed
  • Conduct outreach activities if there are compliance issues
  • Report defendants back to court when they fail to comply with requirements


Research & Coordination

  • Research case and custody status of inmates in custody 6+ months and provide results to Judges, Jail, District Attorney and Public Defender
  • Conduct additional research, when requested, to identify inmates whose aging cases may be resolved or set for trial on a Superior Court Jail Review Docket
  • Facilitate the coordination between the Courts and the Jail to move inmates to court, move cases up for disposition, and find ways to address issues when inmates have significant physical or mental health problems


Fiscal Year 2010 – 2011

  • 1st Appearances:             9267
  • New Clients:                     407
  • Inmates/Court Report      7668

Defendants monitored by Court Services in FY 2010-2011 were out of custody 59,962 days for which the Detention Facilities did not incur costs for housing. Total savings – $3,303,796.00.

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