GTCC- 2017

Hydraulics                FIP 3634         Alex Gossett                                         August 15, 16

Basic Pumps            FIP 3631        Joe Gonzalez                                    September 14, 15, 18

Water Supply           FIP 3635    Robert Stanley                                    September 27, 28

Mobile Water Supply       FIP 3650     Matt Smith                                                October 10, 11

Sprinklers and Standpipes    FIP 3633   Alex Gossett                                               November 7, 8

Pump Maintenance/Testing  FIP 3632     Robert Stanley                                       November 27, 29, 30

All classes will be conducted 0900-1700 each day listed. All classes will be conducted at GTCC Jamestown ERTC 3 Building in Room 107*.

*The first day of D/O Hydraulics, 8/15 will be conducted in a classroom in the Public Safety Building (Room to be determined) due to scheduling conflict. Location of class will be posted on the front door of the Public Safety Building that morning.

Please contact Tim Fitts at to reserve a seat in any/all of the classes.