By: Carol Campbell

On November 14th, the Board of Commissioners voted to expand FJC services by opening a second location in High Point.  The new Center will be in located in the High Point Courthouse and the FJC Department will add a Client Services Coordinator, Navigator, and Administrative Assistant to its team to support the expansion. The Center is expected to open late summer 2018.

FJC Director, Catherine Johnson after recently completing the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon.

Catherine Johnson is the FJC Director and has been with the County since July 2014.  Johnson correlates FJC leadership to that of running a marathon.  “The success of the FJC is rooted in collaboration and community engagement.  Being strategic and pacing oneself is essential to meeting the evolving needs of the community and our partners” says Johnson.  Just before the FJC opened in June 2015, Johnson completed her first marathon.  On November 19th, Johnson completed her second marathon in Philadelphia.  Johnson says the connection with the marathon completion and the Commissioner’s decision to open a second FJC is coincidental, but can still serve as a reminder of the steady, intentional, and meaningful work ahead.