To empower family violence victims to live free from violence and abuse and hold offenders accountable by providing easily accessible, coordinated, and comprehensive services in a single location.


To protect the vulnerable, stop the violence, restore hope, and make our community safer.


Director: Catherine Johnson, MS, Ed.S, LMFT cjohnso5@guilfordcountync.gov
Client Services Coordinator: Sonya Desai sdesai@guilfordcountync.gov
Administrative Assistant: Angelina Meeks ameeks@guilfordcountync.gov
Navigator: Erica Yamaguchi eyamaguchi@guilfordcountync.gov
Navigator: Kieran Sharp ksharp@guilfordcountync.gov

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  • Safety Planning – develop an individualized, comprehensive safety plan.
  • Shelter Placement – assistance accessing a confidential safe shelter.
  • Emergency Protective Orders – assistance filing a civil action to request a stay away/protection order (50B).
  • Child Advocacy and Support – advocacy and support services to child victims and witnesses of domestic and sexual violence, including forensic interviewing and emotional support.
  • Adult Advocacy and Support – information and support accessing resources and navigating the judicial system. Includes assistance filing for victim’s compensation and filing for a restraining order.
  • Criminal Investigation – meet with someone about possible criminal charges, discuss a pending case, and learn about the court process.
  • Legal Services – assistance with your civil and/or criminal case and help you navigate the judicial system.
  • Medical Care – A specially trained medical provider can conduct sexual abuse and/or domestic violence evaluation exams and document your injuries.
  • Emergency Needs and Support – connect to resources to assist in supplying food, shelter, and clothing.
  • Emotional Support and Mental Health Services – talk with staff about available resources for individual or group counseling sessions.

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Volunteers are essential in assisting with FJC operations. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please contact, Sonya Desai at sdesai@guilfordcounty.gov or call 336-641-7233.