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Frequently Asked Questions

How many foster homes are needed?

Many. Our goal is to meet the needs of individual children.  Some of our special needs are homes for teenagers, infants, pregnant teen girls, sibling groups.

Do foster parents have a choice of age, gender, and number of foster children placed in their homes?

Yes. This is dependent on the space available in the home, the Department’s decision and the foster parents’ preference.

Are foster parents paid for the care of foster children in their homes?

Foster parents receive a monthly reimbursement payment for the child’s room & board, clothing, allowance and incidental expenses. Medical and dental expenses are usually covered by Medicaid or by the Department as they occur.

How long will the child remain in a foster home?

It varies, depending on the child’s particular situation.  Some children may stay only a short period of time, while others may stay several months or longer.

Do you have to be married or own a home to be a foster parent?

No.  You can be married, single, divorced, widowed, etc. You do not have to own a home, however you  must have stable & appropriate housing.

Can foster children be adopted?

Yes. The Department’s primary goal is to reunite families.  However, when that goal is not able to be achieved, foster parents often become the adoptive placement for the child in their home.

What legal authority do foster parents have in regard to foster children?

None.  DSS, as the legal guardian, assumes responsibility for overall planning and initiation of all legal proceedings.

Can foster parents work?

Yes.  Funds are available to pay for day care services for foster children at specified day care centers for working foster parents.

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