By: Karen Neill

Christmas is fast approaching, sleigh bells, snow flakes, carols, evergreens, holiday cheer and time spent with family. No wonder we call this “the most wonderful time of the year”! With the holidays approaching and the season of gift giving upon us, the Guilford County Extension Staff decided this year to focus our gift giving effort on others instead of each other. As a staff we decided to provide Christmas gifts for a family that we all have daily contact with, Sean Smith. Sean is a member of the Cleaning Crew for Guilford County, assigned to the Ag center. He not only keeps our facility clean but helps to make sure room furniture is set up and taken down to accommodate the programming needs of our staff and the outside groups using our facility. He does this with a giving heart and a smile on his face. Never a complaint with all of our requests.

Sean and his wife have four lovely little girls all under the age of 6 years old. We asked both needs and wants for the children so we could help make this year exciting and fun from shirts and shoes to dolls and games. With grown children and no grandchildren of my own, it has brought some of the excitement of Christmas back for me.

Don’t let this season of joy and giving pass by you this year without remembering to help make this a Good Christmas for others as well as your own family.

Merry Christmas!