One of the ways the Guilford County Department of Public Health works to create a healthy community is through health education. For more information about specific educational programs, including health fair displays, click here.

The Department of Public Health has an on-line health education library, listed on our home page as Health Information, A-Z. You may access this by clicking here. Our on-line library has information about our services, common illnesses and their causes and other health-related issues. There are also links to other reputable sources of health information.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for, feel free to call us (336-641-3292) and we will do our best to direct you.

Other areas of education and training include:

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention For more information about adolescent pregnancy prevention, click here.

CPR and First Aid Training The Guilford County Department of Public Health contracts with the American Heart Association (AHA) as a Training Center to provide quality CPR and First Aid training in our community.  As a Training Center, the Department offers courses to the public as needed.  The Department also offers training to individuals interested in becoming a Basic Life Support instructor.  For more information about training or affiliation with the Training Center, click here.  Child care providers: call Lindsey Nash at 336-641-6818.

Childbirth Education Classes are open to the public and offered to help families prepare for the best possible childbirth experience as well as to promote lifelong health and wellness.  Classes are offered throughout the year and meet on the same night once a week for five weeks.  Medicaid covers the cost of the classes for the mother-to-be and her partner.  for participants without Medicaid, the cost of the class series is $45.00 for the mother-to-be and her partner.  Class size is limited and registration is required.  For more information or to register call 336-641-4718.  Baby items donated by Covers4kids and the Junior League of Greensboro are given away during each class series.

Child Health Education Need childrens’ health information? Click here.

Health and Wellness The Department of Public Health cares about the health and wellness of all Guilford County residents.  Many programs have been developed to address the diversity of health problems facing our community.  Click here for more information.

Serv Safe This is a nationally recognized food safety course developed by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association and taught by qualified professionals. Download the English application & sign-up now. If you need a Spanish application or have registeration questions, please call Jessie Baptist at 336-641-3678.   

Tobacco Prevention For more information about our Tobacco Prevention Program, contact Mary Gillett at 336-641-6000 or