Health Statistics

The Division of Public Health provides Guilford County health statistics and special reports to staff, county and city agencies, non-profit organizations, the media and county residents. As new data become available, the Health Surveillance and Analysis Unit compiles these statistics into data briefs and special reports. These briefs provide detailed statistics on leading causes of death, chronic and communicable diseases, maternal and child health and injuries.


Guilford County Data Briefs and Special Reports

2018 Data Briefs

2018 Leading Causes of Death Data Brief

2018 Maternal and Child Health Data Brief

2018 Injury Data Brief

2018 Sexually Transmitted Infection Data Brief 

Selected Reportable Communicable Diseases Data Brief 2018

Tuberculosis Data Brief 2018

Technical Notes on Public Health Data and links to older data

Guilford County Community Health Assessment

The Division of Public Health conducts the Guilford County Community Health assessment (CHA) of the health of Guilford County residents every three years in collaboration with community partners. The CHA process provides a way to identify pressing health concerns and develop community health improvement plans to address priority health issues.

About Community Health Assessment

2015-2016 Community Health Assessment

State of Guilford County’s Health Report (SOTCH)

During the off-years when the more comprehensive CHA is not being conducted, Public Health  produces the State of the County’s Health Report (SOTCH), an abridged review of current health data and trends. The SOTCH also provides information on health priorities identified in the most recent Community Health Assessment and highlights recent data and progress made on these pressing health priorities.

Click here to to download the 2017 SOTCH Report.

Past State of Guilford County’s Health Report Reports 
2015 SOTCH Report

2014 SOTCH Report

2012 SOTCH Report


Additional Health Data Resources

Click here to find other national, state and local resources for health statistics.

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