Community Services of the Guilford County Department of Public Health encompasses programs that are community based, meaning services are rendered to residents at places other than the health department. Some of these services are referred to as Home Visiting Services.  Please read on for more information on some of the different types of Home Visiting Services we provide.

Universal Newborn Home Visits, provides a safety net to ensure that parents have the knowledge they need to get their babies off to a good start. Newborn home visits are offered to all non-Medicaid live birth deliveries in Guilford County. The purpose is to facilitate early identification of problems/risks and need for early intervention, and to educate parents about available resources. Visits occur at three to five days post-delivery with follow-up visits as needed. Visits are provided by registered nurses with specialized training and experience in public health, perinatal nursing, and lactation support. Translator assistance is provided to Hispanic families. Visits also include a physical assessment, a psychosocial assessment of the family and environment with referral and follow-up as needed.

Pregnancy Care Management, formerly known as Baby Love-Maternity Care Coordination, is a case management program for pregnant women who are Medicaid eligible.  Care coordinators are registered nurses or social workers who provide services to pregnant women in order to reduce infant mortality through improved pregnancy outcomes.  Clients are followed for the length of the pregnancy and 60 days postpartum.  Pregnancy Care Management staff provide information and assist clients in obtaining prenatal care, WIC, transportation, childbirth classes, social service benefits and other related educational programs.

Community Alternatives Program (CAP/C) for Disabled Children, is a program designed to serve medically high risk children up to age 21 who would be institutionalized in a nursing facility or hospital without Medicaid payment for the home care available through CAP/C.  Read our Community Alternatives Program Brochure for more information or phone 336-641-3660.

Community Health Response Program (CHRP) provides health care in the homes of adults living in Guilford County.  Home visits are made to evaluate an individual’s home environment and his/her general physical condition.  Nurse and aide services are available on a sliding fee scale.  See our Fee Schedule for details.  Assistance is also provided in finding community resources to meet the individual’s health and personal needs.  The Community Health Response Brochure has more details about this program.

Care Coordination for Children (CC4C), formerly known as Child Service Coordination: learn more at CC4C .