Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance Program addresses emergency needs, including Emergency Housing issues involving families with children (risk of homelessness within 24-48 hours), problem pregnancies, domestic violence referrals, parents that are in need of emergency welfare reform liaison assistance and acute medication needs.

Need help for heating or cooling assistance:
Greensboro residents need to go to:
Salvation Army Center of Hope, 1311 S. Eugene St, Greensboro, NC– (336) 235-0368

High Point/Jamestown residents need to go to:
For those who reside East of Main St. or in Jamestown:
The Salvation Army, 1200 Eastchester Drive, High Point, NC—Hotline: (336)875-8496

For those who reside West of Main St.:
The Salvation Army, 301 W Green St, High Point, NC—(336) 881-5400

Effective July 1, 2011,  County Financial Assistance—CFA (rental deposits, rent & water bills), will no longer be available at either of the Guilford County Department of Social Services locations.

Family Recruitment for Foster and Adoptive Homes

Greensboro: 641-7632 – High Point: 641-7632

To recruit, train, and license families who wish to adopt or become foster parents for children in the agency’s care. To initiate and maintain a supportive relationship with foster parents.

Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps)

Greensboro: 641-3000 – High Point: 641-7771 ; EBT 1-888-622-7328

To raise the nutritional level among low income households, increasing the purchasing power of these households, and in turn promote and strengthen the agricultural economy.

Guardianship Services

Greensboro: 641-3032 – High Point: 641-3032

To assist Persons who have been legally declared by the court to be incompetent and have been designated a ward of the Director of the Department of Social Services.

Work First Family Assistance

Greensboro: 641-3000 – High Point: 641-7771

To ensure that all parents can provide their children with basic necessities and good health.


Greensboro: 641-3000 – High Point: 641-3000;

To pay medical expenses for eligible aged, blind, and disabled individuals and families with dependent children.