The JustTEENS Clinic Program was initiated at Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Public Health Division building in October 2015.   With the help of Cone Health Foundation grant funding, during the first year of the JustTEENS Initiative, 645 young adults between ages 15 to 19 were seen. The number grew in the second year to 1,044 young adults being seen for health services. The third grant year started October 1, 2017 with the goal to reach at least 20% more young adults in Greensboro. If success is counted by numbers, the JustTEENS Clinic is successfully working toward helping our county’s young adults by helping them stay healthy and reducing adolescent pregnancy rates.

The JustTEENS Clinic offers a confidential environment with dedicated staff for young people to get physical exams, immunizations, pregnancy tests, HIV/STI screening, sexual health counseling, contraceptive care and behavioral health care referrals. The services are provided at low or no cost. Adolescents are encouraged to prevent pregnancies until they have completed their education and are prepared for parenthood. Some choose abstinence, but most choose other effective means of contraception, including long acting reversible contraceptives which provide protection for three to five years and are 99% effective.

Reducing teen pregnancy rates in Greensboro became a focus of the Guilford County DHHS, Division of Public Health, Cone Health Foundation, and other agencies after the teen pregnancy rate statistics from 2014 were reviewed. There were 504 teen pregnancies in Guilford County among teens 15 to 19 years old. The average teen pregnancy rate in three of Greensboro’s zip codes was 52.6 (ages 15 to 17) per 1,000 births in 2014. With funding from the Cone Health Foundation, the Healthy Tomorrow Alliance was established and the JustTEENS Program was funded in Greensboro to reduce the teen pregnancy rate to 20 by 2020 (for comparison purposes, the 2016 Guilford County adolescent pregnancy rate was 25.8).

An additional JustTEENS Clinic is available at 501 East Green Drive, High Point, NC 27260. Young adults under age twenty can call 336-641-3245 for a prompt appointment in Greensboro or High Point. For more information about the JustTEENS Initiative or clinic, call Judy Southern at 336-641-3712.