By: Renee Perry

There were a total of 261 County employees to participate in the 2017 Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge. Here are some helpful tips for the remaining Holiday Season!

The holiday season for most of us represents food, fun, fellowship, and most importantly time off from work! There are so many delicious temptations that even the most disciplined people have a hard time consistently saying “no thank you.” The holiday season runs from November to January for most of us. Weight that is gained during this season tends to stick around for months long afterward. If you are equipped with accurate knowledge about healthy nutrition, it is possible to survive the holidays with your current weight intact. We should all enjoy the holiday season but we should seldom overindulge. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your weight steady during the holidays:
• Take a brisk walk before and after your holiday meal to help balance out those extra calories you may be consuming.
• Eat small before your big meal. A quick snack a few hours before the big meal will help control your appetite at dinner time. The quick snack can be veggies, a piece of fruit, or anything protein based to give you that feeling of satiety.
• Wear something snug. You will feel full quicker – guaranteed!
• Fill up on water before you start eating your holiday meal.
• Participate/plan activities that don’t involve food. Like, helping friends decorate or have them help you decorate.
• If you already have a workout regime, stick with it as much as possible. Holidays are not an excuse to stop daily activity.
• Ditch the sweet tea and soft drinks. Load up on H2O!
• Don’t wait until January 1 to start your New Year’s resolution, start today!
• Get a workout partner that is as committed as you are!
These are just a few ideas to keep in mind as we breeze through the holiday season. Let’s stay focused and on the wellness track.

The final weigh ins will occur between January 2, 2018 – January 8, 2018. Good LUCK!!!

~Happy Holidays from Guilford County’s Employee Wellness Committee!