In Guilford County, recycling is easy! Everything you recycle can be mixed together in your recycling bin. Recycling conserves resources, saves energy and valuable space in our landfills. Here’s a list of the materials that everyone can recycle:
Plastic Bottles & Jugs:  Recycle plastic soda and water bottles, detergent and shampoo bottles, milk jugs. Items should be rinsed and dry with the caps removed before going into your recycle bin. The key is to recycle only PLASTIC BOTTLES. No margarine tubs, microwave trays, plastic bags or plastic cups PLEASE! Remember the plastic rule: if it’s not shaped like a bottle, with a neck that’s smaller than the body, don’t recycle it!

Glass Bottles & Jars: Recycle only glass containers that come with food in them. No perfume bottles, light bulbs, window panes, glass dishes or cookware. All colors or glass are accepted – clear, green, brown, blue. Items should be rinsed and dry with the caps removed.

All Cans – Aluminum, Tin, Steel & Aerosol: Recycle aluminum beverage cans, tin and steel food cans and any aerosol can that is empty. Cans should be rinsed and dry; lids can be hazardous to recycling center staff and should be removed and thrown in the trash. Aerosol cans must be empty – remove caps and nozzles before placing in your recycling bin.

Newspapers: Only clean, dry newspapers can be recycled. Discard wrappers, bags and rubber bands. To avoid contamination, you may place the papers into a brown paper bag before recycling them – no plastic bags, please!

Magazines: Recycle all magazines that are clean and dry.

Cardboard: Recycle cardboard that has not been contaminated with food or liquid. Before placing cardboard in your recycling bin, be sure to flatten boxes. No pizza boxes please!

Chipboard: Chipboard boxes are plain brown or gray on one side and usually printed on the other. Examples include tissue and cereal boxes. Remove and discard box liners and flatten boxes before placing them into your recycling bin.

Some recycling programs in Guilford County accept additional materials – please check with your service provider for details.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Never place plastic bags in your recycling container! They will not be recycled. Instead, it takes time and energy to separate them from the recyclable materials and send them to the landfill. Instead, take your plastic bags back to the grocery store where they’re happy to recycle them for you.

It isn’t necessary to remove labels from cans, bottles and jars.

All materials can be mixed together in your recycling container.

All materials should be clean and dry when placed in your recycling container.

Don’t recycle cardboard and paper that are contaminated with food or liquids.

Never place tissues, paper towels or paper plates in your recycling container.

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