Guilford County Scrap Tire & White Goods Collection Facility

Location: 2138 Bishop Road, Greensboro NC 27406

Facility Telephone:  336-641-9431

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday

*Customers must arrive early enough for their scrap tires to be unloaded before 4:00 PM.*

• You are entitled to dispose of 5 passenger vehicle tires per household per fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th) at no charge.
• You must pay a fee for each additional passenger vehicle tire, and for each heavy truck and off-road tire.
• Current disposal rates are $0.84 each for car and light truck tires, $4.28 each for heavy truck tires, and $0.0372/lb. for oversize tires (cash or checks only). Please ask for a receipt.

*****Note: As of July 1, 2017, Guilford County’s scrap tire disposal contract fee increased from $72.80 per ton to $74.26 per ton. The scrap tire disposal fees charge to our customers reflects the increase in our disposal fee. As of  July 1, 2017 Scrap Tire disposal fees will be as follows:

  • Car and Light Truck Tires: $0.84 each
  • Heavy Truck Tires: $4.28 each
  • Oversized Tires: $0.0372 per pound

Scrap Tire Generators:
• Haul your own tires? Bring a copy of your current business license, along with your federal tax ID number, to the facility on your first visit.
• YOU are required to complete and sign a Scrap Tire Certification Form for each load of tires. Click here to view/download the form.
• Haul your own tires? Fill out the Generator and Hauler portions of the Form.
• Contract with a hauler? Fill out the Generator portion of the form.
• Contract with a hauler? You MUST hire a hauler who is registered through the North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR). A registered hauler will be able to provide you with a copy of his current registration certificate.
• Be prepared to provide state tax reporting/payment records, as well as tire sales/purchase records upon request. Proper documentation is required in order to dispose of your eligible tires at no charge.

 Scrap Tire Haulers:
• Bring a copy of your current NCDENR scrap tire hauler registration certificate on your first visit to the  facility.
• Fill out the Hauler portion of a Scrap Tire Certification Form for each load of tires you bring to the facility. The Generator portion of the form MUST be completed and signed by the Scrap Tire Generator.
• You must bring a copy of the current business license and federal tax ID number for each Scrap Tire Generator whose tires you bring to the facility for disposal.
• Tires not eligible for free disposal will be accepted for disposal along with the required fee.