The Board of Commissioners of Guilford County, at its regular meeting of May 7th, 2015, authorized the sale by sealed bid of the following property(s):

1. 1809 Brentwood St. High Point Parcel: 0192491 Deed: Book 7422 Page 2271
Tax Value: $37,300 Minimum Bid: $3,000.00
2. 5204 Bridgestone Ct., Greensboro Parcel: 0142815 Deed: Book 7683 Page 724
Tax Value: $54,800 Minimum Bid: $8,000.00
3. 2223 Chambers St., High Point Parcel: 0179714 Deed: Book 7683 Page 718
Tax Value: $15,000 Minimum Bid: $4,500.00
4. 1251 Dorothy St., High Point Parcel: 0178912 Deed: Book 7448 Page 2943
Tax Value: $9,800 Minimum Bid: $2,500.00
5. 1411 Furlough Ave., High Point Parcel: 0174535 Deed: Book 7609 Page 2315
Tax Value: $15,900 Minimum Bid: $2,500.00
6. 739 Hendrix St., High Point Parcel: 0182310 Deed: Book 7422 Page 2278
Tax Value: $36,900 Minimum Bid: $2,500.00
7. 309 Hobson St., High Point Parcel: 0190448 Deed: Book 7683 Page 712
Tax Value: $10,000 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00
8. 1212 Hoover Ave., High Point Parcel: 0175454 Deed: Book 4800 Page 2186
Tax Value: $4,000 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00
9. 512 Lake Ave., High Point Parcel: 0174287 Deed: Book 7683 Page 710
Tax Value: $5,000 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00
10. 800 Meredith St., High Point Parcel: 0174942 Deed: Book 7422 Page 2273
Tax Value: $5,000 Minimum Bid: $1,500.00
11. 1201 Pearson Pl., High Point Parcel: 0175474 Deed: Book 7596 Page 167
Tax Value: $6,800 Minimum Bid: $1,500.00
12. 9248 US Highway 158, Stokesdale Parcel: 0167176 Deed: Book 4665 Page 0726
Tax Value: $19,800 Minimum Bid: $1,000.00


The properties are being offered for sale by sealed bid procedures prescribed in N.C.G.S. 160A-268. Any bidder must notify the undersigned of the amount of their bid. All Properties are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with absolutely no warranties or representations, repairs or guaranties of condition.

All bids must be in the form of a completed and signed Offer to Purchase form found on the Guilford County website, here . Further Terms of Sale and general information can be found here and the submitting and signing of an Offer to Purchase will represent the acceptance and understanding of the Terms of Sale by the bidder.

The County will accept sealed bids in the Office of the Clerk to the Board, 2nd Floor, Guilford County, 301 West Market St, Greensboro, NC 27401, no later than 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 20, 2017. Public bid opening begins promptly at 9:00 a.m., Thursday. December 21, 2017, in the Manager’s Meeting Room located on the 2nd floor of 301 W. Market Street, Greensboro, NC. The record of bids shall be reported to the Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

The Board of Commissioners will determine the Highest Responsible Bidder for the Property and award the bid by its regular meeting on Thursday, January 4, 2018. Bids will remain open and subject to acceptance until the Board of Commissioners awards the bid.

A qualifying bid must be accompanied by a bid deposit of five percent (5%) of the amount bid. The deposit may be made in the form of cashier’s check or certified check. The County will return the deposit on any bid not awarded by the Board of Commissioners and retain the deposit of the winning bidder until closing. Awarded Bidders should be prepared to close within 60 days of Bid acceptance.

The County reserves the right to withdraw the property from sale at any time and the right to reject all bids.

Inquiries about the property and the sale may be made to the Real Estate Project Manager, Richard Mosher, (336) 641-3778,, or by going online to

Approved for Advertising: November 19, 2017.


Robin Keller, Clerk to the Board

Guilford County, NC

301 W Market St,

Greensboro, NC 27401