Why is my screen White?

Check for any toolbars that are enabled (i.e. Yahoo & Google toolbars), if they are enabled, please disable.  Our current system does not support Internet Explorer 11; Internet Explorer 10 in compatibility mode may work.

What does the message "attempting to resize" mean?

Your Pixel settings need to be set at 1024 x 768.

What does bid close date and time mean?

This is the last date and time you may submit your bid on line (electronically) or hard copy if noted in the bid notification.

What if I have a question about a bidding event?

There shall be NO communication with any Guilford County employee other than at the Pre-Bid meeting if scheduled or by means of the Q/A Feature within the bid event.

What do I need to do if I have forgotten my User ID and/or password?

Purchasing can retrieve your User ID and we can have your Password reset.  Please call the Guilford County Purchasing Department at 336.641.3314 for assistance.

At the time of registration how do I search and find the correct NIGP Commodity Code(s) that best describe my commodities and services?

Please see the “Supplier Registration Guide”, Page 8 – click here.

How do I add my attachment(s) to my bid response documents?

Attachments are to attached just prior to clicking the “Submit” button to complete your bid response.  At this point, your screen will indicate “attachment” in the upper left corner, where you may attach any document(s) you have for the event.  In the approximate center of the Screen, you will see the following:  “There are no attachments”, and a block that says “ADD”.  Click “Add” to add attachments.

When can I attend a bid opening?

Only bids that fall in the Formal Range. Informal Bids are not subject to public bid openings.