By: Hemant Desai

Every year, it seems Cyber security breaches are on the rise and affecting computer networks across local and Federal governments, small business to Fortune 500 companies. It is evident that security breaches impact organizations big and small across all sectors. There are many steps we have taken at Guilford County IS to protect our systems from such external vulnerabilities. However, we as users also play a major role in ensuring the integrity and safety of our computer network and data.

Here are some of the few things we can all do on a daily basis:

  • Watch out for emails notifying gifts you may have ordered can’t be delivered because of problem with Credit card. The email may direct you to a website that is not a valid site for that credit card (spoofed)
  • Do not open attachments contained in “suspicious” emails. Look out for obvious spelling errors or “extra” characters in familiar names. These are common ways for “spammers” to make us open emails or attachments that ultimately “infect” our computers and networks with malware.
  • Be careful when you click on links from a web site.
  • Enable automatic screen lock on your smartphone
  • Use passwords that are hard to guess (for some tips, please visit OnePlace at http://oneplace/SitePages/BestPSPractices.aspx)
  • Be aware of proper methods of sanitizing, destroying and disposal of media that contains sensitive data.
  • For online transactions where you submit financial information, look for browser’s status bar and ensure that “https” appears in the address.

These and many other tips are available on Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, for which Guilford County is a partner of. You can get additional tips and information by visiting their site at:

Computer and data security is a shared responsibility and by taking some basic steps, we can help continue to keep our Guilford County network secure.