What are the hours of operation, location and directions to the Tax Department?

The hours of operation are 8-5 M-F.
We are located at: 400 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
at the corner of West Market Street and Eugene Street.

For those residents in or near High Point, the tax department has an office.
The hours of operation are 8-5 M-F
We are located at: 325 East Russell Avenue, High Point, NC 27260

What types of Tax payment are accepted ?

Payment is accepted in the form or cash, check, money order or credit/debit card.

What information do I submit when I get rid of a vehicle?

When getting rid of a vehicle we require you to submit a copy of a bill of sale and a receipt of tag surrender from the DMV.

Is the tax bill valid if I transferred my tag to another car?

Yes, the tax bill is valid because the license plate is in use.

What time period am I paying taxes for?

Your taxes are applied to:
RMV taxes-tag year
Real & Personal taxes-fiscal year

When may I expect to receive my tax bill on my vehicle?

Usually you will receive your tax bill within 2 months from the time you renew or purchase a new registration.

When will my house taxes be billed and when are they due each year?

You should receive your bill within the first 2 weeks of July.  The taxes are due on or before August 31 to receive a 0.5% discount for early payment.  After this date, the taxes are due at par on or before January 5, after which time interest begins and enforced collections.

Can I pay installments/pre-pay my taxes on my house and/or car?

Yes, as long as the full balance of taxes is paid before the delinquent date.  Please contact our office at 336-641-3363 to take advantage of this feature.

Can I pay taxes via credit/debit card?

Yes. You may pay taxes via Internet by visiting our website here or call 1-877-309-4911 and follow the instructions to pay by telephone.

Who do I make my check out to for tax payments?

Checks for payment should be made to Guilford County Tax.

I think the assessed value of my property is wrong, how do I appeal it?

Appeals of tax value may be made in writing to the Board of Equalization and Review on or before June 1 for the current tax year.

Do I need to list improvements to my property each year?

Any additions or renovations that have added value to the property over the past year need to be listed in the January listing period.

What happens if I don't pay my taxes by the deadline?

Interest begins to accrue and enforcement remedies prescribed by law are initiated such as, garnishment of wages, levy on bank account(s), seizure of personal property and foreclosure on real estate.

Does the Tax Department conduct Tax Lien Sales?

No, the Tax Department does not conduct Tax Lien Sales.