TR Ropes Block Course – Weekend Classes



FIP Number:

FIP – 5800




This Technical Rescuer (TR) Ropes block course will present the Technical Rescuer with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to satisfy the requirements of Chapter 6 (Ropes) of NFPA 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Professional Qualifications. This block course covers all six required parts of the Technical Rescuer Ropes certification course series as outlined by the NC Fire and Rescue Commission: FIP-5801 TR Ropes Rescue Operations, FIP-5802 TR Ropes Anchors, FIP-5803 TR Ropes Mechanical Advantage, FIP-5804 TR Ropes Fixed Ropes Systems, FIP-5805 TR Ropes Lowers and Raises, FIP-5806 TR Ropes Highlines, and FIP-5807 TR Ropes Victim Management. This transfers as one “”all or nothing”” block to the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM). Students must successfully complete all parts to receive certification credit for this block course.




Date Time Subject
TR Ropes Specialty Weekend Classes
7/22/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Ops
8/5/2017 0830-1730 TR Ropes Anchors
8/6/2017 0830-1730 TR Ropes Anchors
9/2/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Mechanical Advantages
9/23/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Fixed Rope Systems
9/24/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Fixed Rope Systems
10/14/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Lowers and Raises
10/15/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Lowers and Raises
10/21/2017 0900-1700 TR Ropes Highlines
10/22/2017 0900-1300 TR Ropes Highlines
11/11/2017 0830-1730 TR Ropes Victim Management
11/12/2017 0830-1730 TR Ropes Victim Management


Guilford Technical Community College

ERTC 3 Room 107

              601 E. Main Street Jamestown, NC 27284



Additional Info:

Please contact Tim Fitts @ (336) 344-4822 *50195

to Pre-Register or with any questions.

You must already be NC TR General to attend.